Full-year African-Centered STEAM Program now available!

STEAM All Year is a self-paced fully-online program which includes 2 - 4 hours of daily lessons and assignments, teacher feedback, math practice tracking, peer discussions, and engaging projects.


The subjects included are:
Web Design and Coding, Geometry and Building, Combined Sciences, Pre-Algebra and Intro to Algebra, Grammar and Composition, Agriculture and Cooking, Critical Thinking, Entrepreneurship, Study and Research, & Art and Culture.


The first week of classes officially begins Oct. 21, 2019.  Students who are enrolled before that time for the full program will receive immediate access to lessons as well as the first month for $29 with coupon code STEAM. After the first month, the program is only $49/month.


STEAM All Year differs from other online STEAM/STEM programs in that:

🔭 Teacher feedback and support is provided to students based on their individual progress.

🔭 Students are able to ask questions and interact with their peers in discussion.

🔭 The curriculum is African-centered!


You can choose the full bundle to add to your homeschooling day or choose individual courses for $9/month for after school.

Thank you! I look forward to supporting your students in academic success!