Deluxe Solar Kits Educational Kit

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Children can do a series of do-it-yourself experiments to acquire the basic knowledge of solar energy with this kit. Learn how to make an electrical current and a solar circuit, how to increase voltage and current, and how to use solar power to produce energy for a radio, calculator, battery charger, a cassette player, and more with this educational kit!


  • Solar Cell
  • Angle Stand and Base
  • Motor
  • Fan
  • Cardboard Figures
  • Plastic Disks
  • Motor Holder and Base
  • Wrench and Jumper Wires
  • Music Box
  • Light Bulb

Every day the sun radiates a huge amount of energy. Using solar energy, we are able to harness and use this energy! Solar power is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity or thermal energy, and is the most abundant energy resource on this planet.  This sustainable energy source is becoming very cutting edge and popular today!

For ages 8 and up.

WARNING CHOKING HAZARD- Small parts Not for Children under 3 yrs WARNING CHOKING HAZARD- Toy contains a cord Not for Children under 3 yrs